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Simply Roofline Ltd

Peterborough's Pvcu Roofline Specialists

Simply Roofline Ltd

Professional, reliable installation, guaranteed

Roofline installation is best done by professionals, with all the right materials and tools for a job well done.
We are East Anglia's experts on roofline and offer comprehensive advice on the specific needs of your home.

As a registered installer of Freefoam Plastic Building Products you have an instant access to an extended guarantee of 50 years on all white Pvcu products fitted to your home ( 10 years on colour ) which guarantees against warping, cracking, blistering, and discolouration sent direct from the manufacturer.

For peace of mind every installation has a 10 year workmanship guarantee  .

Say goodbye to time consuming maintenance

Who wants to get up a ladder every couple of years to clean, re-paint and repair their roofline?
 That's easy to answer...no-one !
But that's what you have to do to maintain old fashioned timber roofline and cladding.
Skip the maintenance and you isk decay and damage to the fabric of your home.

Our  Pvcu  fascias soffits cladding and guttering are low maintenance which with an occasional wipe down with soapy water every now and then is the only maintenance ever required.



The roofline is the weakest point of the building and the area that gets the most punishment from the elements; where weather can attack and damage your home. Because access is difficult, its also the least observed area and the hardest to maintain. It's not the ideal spot for a vunerable material such as wood.

Driving rain can force itself through the slightest gap between the roof and the walls exposing your home to the elements. Left unchecked, water from blocked or broken gutters will overflow down your outside walls creating conditions that can lead to unhealthy damp and mould on the inside. If moisture gets inyo your roof, rafters and joists will soon start to rot. Once the damage has been done repairs are costly.


Old fashioned roofline is made of timber, but wood  moves and absorbs water, leading to rot and decay. Wood  is great for furniture, but without maintenance it doesn't provide great  protection against the weather. 
With the threat of climate change demands that our products are fit for the challenges of the future. Due to this we are having more extreme weather, colder winters, stronger sun and more frequent storms - Simply Roofline Ltd's roofline system is desinged to protect your home whatever the weather has to throw at us in the future.

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Simply Roofline Ltd
9 The Square Vicarage Farm Road Peterborough PE1 5TS